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Rotronic AwTherm Measuring Device:

Rotronic AwTherm Measuring Device
With AwTherm, ROTRONIC offers a professional, high-end laboratory unit for temperature-stabilized measurement of water activity in the foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The wide control range permits measurements to be obtained directly in the tempered manufacturing or storage process. Water activity measurement reacts very sensitively to variances in temperature. Stabilizing the temperature prevents imprecise results due to external temperature influences.

Interchangeable measuring head
A further advantage of AwTherm is that the measuring head is removable, which means that the probe can be calibrated or adjusted for both temperature and humidity to give high precision.

User-friendly operation 
The AwTherm shows its paces in stand-alone operation mode, with its simple handling and clarity. No laboratory should be without the device in conjunction with the ROTRONIC HW4 software.

Why measure water activity?
The free water in a product influences its microbiological, chemical and enzymatic stability. If there is too much free water present, the products spoil; too little water can be detrimental to the product characteristics.

Water activityContaminants
aw = 0,91…0,95Many bacteria
aw = 0,88Many yeasts
aw = 0,80Many mildews
aw = 0,75Halophile bacteria
aw = 0,70Osmiophile yeasts
aw = 0,65Xerophile mildew

Measuring water activity provides useful informationabout characteristics such as cohesion, storage lifetime, clotting or pourability of powders, tablets, etc., or the adhesive properties of coatings.

Features at a glance
• Highest precision through exact stabilization of temperature
• Wide temperature control range
• Excellent reproducibility
• Excellent long-term stability
• Variable size of sample container
• Reference probe interchangeable for calibration or cleaning
• Fast measurements with the AwQuick function
• Simple operation via Touch Interface
• Conforms to ISO 21807 / EMC 2008/108/EC / IEC EN 61010-1:2010

For further information on the AwTherm water activity meter and other Rotronic instruments, please see www.firmtest.com or call 603-9059 1323. 

Rotronic AG with its headquarters in Bassersdorf, Switzerland, has been founded in 1965 and is an owner-managed Swiss trading and manufacturing company with 8 subsidiaries and 42 sales points worldwide.

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