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Fluke Hi-Touch Promo II 2017-Trade In Program:

We are pleased to announce the launch of Fluke Hi-Touch Promo II - Trade-in Program.

Between 1st November and 31st December 2017 (both dates inclusive), companies can trade-in their thermal imager(s), Power Quality Analyzer or Vibration Test Tools from any brand to purchase the Promotion Tools stated in the table below at a special 25% trade-in discount from list price.

Product Model:

1. FLK-TI400 9Hz

2. FLK-TI450 9Hz

3. FLUKE-435-II

4. FLUKE-438-II

5. FLUKE-810


Infrared Cameras -The Fluke Professional Series

Portable thermography can help you and your team maintain your automated systems, and proactively keep your motors, controls, conveyors, bearings, chain drives, and other electromechanical automation equipment in top operating condition. For automated process environments in particular, handheld thermal images can be used to identify leaks, blockages, and settling in sealed vessels, pipes, steam systems, or heat exchanges; and to capture process temperature readings.


         Fluke Power Quality Analyzers all include `gap-less` measurement, detail of every power cycle is considered during measurement and logging; this capability is key to discovering the state of health of your power system.

          Fluke`s three-phase power meters will quickly provide the answers you need to get things running smoothly. These meters can be used for troubleshooting to find the answers now; or as benchmarking tools to discover the trend of your power quality over time.


         It is important for plant maintenance professionals to be able to tell when vibration is normal, and when vibration signals a need for immediate attention. Equipped with a basic understanding of vibration and its causes, along with the Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester, plant maintenance professionals can quickly and reliably find the root and the severity of machine vibration, and determine whether there is cause for service or repair.

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